Digital Radio Report

Q3 2017

Managing Change

Some things never change, like our work at SoundExchange to ensure that music creators get paid. That explains why the number of music creators registering with us continues to grow at a rapid pace. That also explains why the number of payees receiving digital performance royalties from us increased yet again. But some things do change. We are changing and diversifying as the music industry alters the way it does business in the Digital Age. Today we do much more than administer statutory licenses. We administer more direct deals every day. And we help organizations throughout the music industry clean up their data. We are continuing our hard work on behalf of music creators so all of you receive the royalties you deserve in the most efficient, transparent way possible. That will never change.

SoundExchange 2017 Year-to-Date Payments


SoundExchange Q3 2017 Payments


Paid to recording artists and rights owners

Q3 2016
$263.5 M
Q3 2017
$152.6 M

SoundExchange Registrations Surge in Q3

Q3 2016 payees 37,681
1 = 5,000 Payees
Q3 2017 payees 34,434
1 = 5,000 Payees
Q3 2016 new registrations received 6,550
1 = 1,000 Payees
Q3 2017 new registrations received 8,255
1 = 1,000 Payees
20.7% increase in new registrations received Q3 2016 to Q3 2017 (YOY)

The SoundExchange Effect

Two New Op-Eds Outline Our Advocacy Efforts in Washington, D.C

We fiercely support recording artists and rights owners on Capitol Hill, and we’ve been busy lately in efforts to promote important legislation to level the playing field for music creators. The Fair Play Fair Pay Act would secure performance rights for recording artists and record labels across every platform, including terrestrial radio. The CLASSICS Act would ensure fair treatment for legacy artists and creators of sound recordings made before 1972.

We’ve also been busy amplifying our efforts through two new op-eds from SoundExchange President and CEO, Michael Huppe. In September 2017 his piece, “The Future of Radio: Time for Broadcasters to Embrace Digital,” ran in Music Business Worldwide. In July 2017, his piece on the CLASSICS Act, ran in Billboard.

As New Bill Drops to Protect Pre-1972 Copyrights, SoundExchange’s Michael Huppe Weighs In.

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The Future of Radio: Time for Broadcasters to Embrace Digital.

Read the Full Op-Ed

Louis York Performs at SOUNDExchange SESSIONS

Louis York, a duo comprised of renowned artists, Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony, performed at a special edition of the SOUNDExchange SESSIONS at the legendary Bluebird Café in Nashville on August 3.

Claude Kelly is a songwriter and a four-time GRAMMY® Award nominee, and Chuck Harmony is a music producer and songwriter who began playing the drums when he was four years old and has been nominated three times for a GRAMMY®.

New Report: Gauging Radio’s Future

New research provides an in-depth look at why broadcast radio is struggling to remain relevant and the historic declines in terrestrial radio’s audience as consumers embrace streaming. Radio must embrace digital technology to survive, according to music industry expert Larry Miller, head of the Steinhardt Music Business Program at New York University.

Miller’s paper, “Paradigm Shift: Why Radio Must Adapt to the Rise of Digital,” concludes that young consumers age 12 to 24 are abandoning radio and that new technology in automobiles embraces digital options over the traditional AM/FM tuner.

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Duke Ellington School of the Arts Honors SoundExchange President and CEO, Michael Huppe, at Annual “Evening at Duke’s Place” Gala

(L-R) Michael Hyter, Managing Director, Korn Ferry and Honorary Gala Chair, "Evening at Duke’s Place"; Michael Huppe, President and CEO, SoundExchange; Ari Fitzgerald, President, The Ellington Fund

On September 16, Duke Ellington School of the Arts honored SoundExchange during its annual "Evening at Duke’s Place" Gala for our work on behalf of the school.

SoundExchange has organized the Summer Music Celebration to support the school for two consecutive years. The charitable event is held solely for the benefit of the school, in Washington, DC, and highlights the vital role of arts in education and in our lives. At the June 21 event, GRAMMY®-award winning artist, Jidenna, a former teacher, provided an energetic performance that included his double-platinum Billboard Hot 100 song “Classic Man.”

SoundExchange President and CEO, Michael Huppe, accepted an award from Duke Ellington School of the Arts on behalf of the organization.

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SoundExchange Vice President of Global Public Policy Listed on Billboard’s 2017 Digital Power Players

Billboard has included SoundExchange Vice President of Global Public Policy, Julia Massimino, on its list of 2017 Digital Power Players.

Massimino’s inclusion on the magazine’s annual inventory of top executives speaks to the growth and increasing influence of SoundExchange. Billboard released its list on August 28.

“These leaders are tackling the challenges that come with change: questions over data management, emerging business models and fair payment to creators,” the magazine wrote. “Collectively, they are shaping the music business for a new era.”

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SoundExchange develops business solutions to benefit the entire music industry. The organization collects and distributes digital performance royalties on behalf of more than 155,000 recording artists and master rights owners accounts and administers direct agreements on behalf of rights owners and licensees. To date, SoundExchange has paid out nearly $5 billion in royalties. SXWorks, a SoundExchange subsidiary, acquired the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd. (CMRRA) which represents music publishers and administers the majority of songs recorded, sold and broadcast in Canada.