Digital Radio Report

Q1 2015

Off to a Good Start

More than 2,500 digital radio services have opted-in to the statutory license administered by SoundExchange. New services continue to enter the marketplace and there’s no evidence to suggest a downturn in new entrants. The steady growth of the market explains SoundExchange’s increasing payouts to artists and labels quarter after quarter.

SoundExchange Q1 2015 Payments


Paid to



20% Increase in Payments Year Over Year

$194.5 MILLION
Paid in
Q1 2015
$162.4 M
Q1 2014
$194.5 M
Q1 2015
20% increase in SoundExchange payment from Q1 2014 to Q1 2015
20,833 payees Q1 2014
1 = 1,000 Payees
30,183 payees Q1 2015
1 = 1,000 Payees
increase in number of SoundExchange payeesfrom Q1 2014 to Q1 2015

The SoundExchange Effect

The U.S. Copyright Office’s released a 245-page report on “Copyright and the Music Marketplace” in February 2015. SoundExchange has been deeply engaged in the music licensing reform discussion and figures prominently in the report. As a pillar in today’s digital music landscape, SoundExchange works tirelessly to support, protect and propel the music industry forward. When the report was released, President & CEO, Michael Huppe, responded to the Copyright Office’s proposal, reiterating SoundExchange’s overarching stance on music licensing reform: “At SoundExchange, we have one core principle in our approach to music licensing reform: all creators should receive fair pay, on all platforms and technologies, whenever their music is used. Period. And the Copyright Office appears to forcefully agree with that principle.”

For developments related to the fight for creators’ rights on Capitol Hill, stay tuned to our Advocacy page on


SoundExchange understands that music has value.

We arrived in Austin, TX this past March with more than $215K in unclaimed royalties for SXSW 2015 showcasing acts and a mission to put those dollars into the pockets of the hard-working artists who’ve earned them. We successfully paid out a significant portion of those digital performance royalties, but there are still some SXSW 2015 showcasing artists who haven’t yet registered with SoundExchange to collect their royalties. Are you one of them? Click here to find out.

What better way to demonstrate the value of music than to invest in music? On March 20, we brought our SOUNDExchange SESSIONS to famed live music venue Stubb’s BBQ to rock SXSW 2015. #ICYMI, here’s a taste of what you missed. If you were there, relive the night...

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Genevieve Goings listens to digital radio just like you.

Star of Disney Channel’s popular animated music video segment, “Choo Choo Soul,” Genevieve Goings, typically makes appearances at schools but switched up her routine by stopping by the SoundExchange offices for a little sing-along and Q&A with the SoundExchange staff. Yes, she really had us singing-along . . . we’re all just kids at heart, right?

“Do You Know?” Genevieve recently signed on to become the new host of SiriusXM’s Radio Disney channel? Check out what every kid’s favorite train conductor has to say about digital radio.

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Moving Music Forward

SoundExchange is the independent non-profit organization created for the digital age. SoundExchange ensures that recording artists and recording companies are compensated when their work is streamed by non-interactive digital radio

SoundExchange royalties are paid by more than 2,500 non-interactive Internet radio, satellite radio and cable radio services for their use of sound recordings. These royalties are distributed by SoundExchange directly to the more than 100,000 recording artists and record labels that earn them.